Best Ways to Online Flight Bookings

online flight booking

Gone are the days when you would just go to your travel agent to get a flight ticket booked with whatever the prevalent flight rates were. In this internet world, flight rates can change like the weather in London. Being smart can, not just get you to your destination but also save a lot of your money that could otherwise be spent on buying that expensive flight ticket.

A decade ago a traveler could fly on Tuesdays to make a big saving on that expensive flight ticket, or travel from a smaller airport, but not anymore. There are several ways using which you can get best flights deals.

Flight search sites

You should carefully select the most popular and best flight search sites, to begin with. Some search engines inflate the flight prices especially to take a cut from the airlines. Looking thoroughly can get you the best cheap flight tickets experience along with a great deal.

Plan booking of flights on weekdays

Most often we get time to relax, think and plan for our impending trips on weekends. And that is when we try to get all our flight bookings, hotel bookings, other bookings required for the trip etc done. But this might not be the best approach if you wish to get some good deals on your bookings. Especially online flight bookings on weekends can make your wallet much lighter than you would want it. The prices go very steep during Saturdays and Sundays. So it will be a wise decision to plan out all your trip details over the weekend if you like but actually getting down to booking your flight tickets only on weekdays.

Watch how many times to search for a flight

Have you ever noticed suddenly only when you started looking for flights on a particular route and airlines their prices got high? It’s no coincidence. Most sites these days request for access to cookies in your browser. These cookies can give away more information than you may want to share. They can analyze your searches and coerce you into booking tickets quickly by creating an illusion of price rise.

Buy tickets in bulk

You can get the best deals if you book many tickets together, at the same time, and mostly if it’s with the same airlines. For an example, you could book both your onward flight tickets and the return tickets together and get a great discount rather than booking two one-way tickets.

Book as early as possible

Flight tickets get costly as the days to the departure approaches. That means tickets booked much in advance can get you best deals on online flight booking. Alternatively, sites such as give their users option to set an alert for the price changes on a particular route. This facility can be utilized to benefit out any flash sales that might happen.

You can use a combination of these tips to book the best flight for you at the best price possible.


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