7 Smart Tricks for finding Best Flight Deals


Finding the best flight deals remain a top priority of most flyers. This is because everyone loves saving and finding discounts on flight booking gives you more savings than anything else. If you are a frequent flyer or just flying for the first time, here are a few tips to find great discounts on your flight tickets – through online flight booking:

Book on Wednesday:

The topic may surprise you, but studies by various flight booking platforms reveal that Wednesday is the cheapest day for flight booking. This is because most of the people prefer booking their flights on weekends, and return to the start of the week. Being in the middle of the week, Wednesday remains the least crowded day and thus most airlines keep their prices low on this day.

Search Anonymously:

Another cool trick while searching for flight tickets online is hiding your identity. It’s a little-known fact that most of the websites have cookies enabled that track your search habits. If you keep searching for one destination over and over again, chances are very high that the websites will show you high-priced tickets. Remember too on the incognito mode while searching for flight tickets and you will surely find cheaper deals.

Use the Same Account for Booking:

It is very much true that some airlines offer special discounts to their first-time users and thus creating a new account for every booking seam profitable. However, a bigger number of airlines offer better discounts to their repeat customers. Booking your ticket from the same account will establish your reputation as a regular customer, enabling special discounts and offers for you.

Get the Last Minute Advantage:

It has been said many-a-time that booking your tickets as early as possible saves you money. However, if you missed that opportunity due to the sudden program, wait a few days more. Delay your booking as close to the journey day as possible to discount flight tickets advantage. There are many airlines that offer special discounts to fill the seats and you can be the late-bird to grab that chance.

Book Separate Tickets for Two-way Journeys:

Instead of booking your journey-and-return tickets together, consider booking separate tickets. If possible, consider booking your return ticket from a different airline. Remember, the fare for NY to Australia isn’t same as the fare for Australia to NY. There is a big difference and a smart shopper always grabs the advantage.

Don’t overlook Local Airlines:

Unless you need to fly overseas, consider booking your tickets from local airlines. Local airlines offer you special discounts on country-side tickets that may save some extra bucks for you.

Take the 24-hours Test:

This is an excellent way of saving some extra bucks on online flight booking. Once you book your ticket, check the price again after 24 hours. Since the airlines keep changing their prices frequently, chances are high of finding cheaper tickets than yours. If yes, cancel your ticket and book it again.

So these are seven smart tricks of finding best flight deals. Try them all together and you will be able to save a good amount of money on your flights.



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